Book Reviews


I LOVED the book!

A very powerful book that will inspire you to embrace your authentic self and become the best version of yourself you can be.

I found this book to be both thought-provoking and inspirational as it explores the idea that the lessons learned in practicing yoga are indeed very powerful tools to success in the business world. Examples of how those lessons can be applied are woven into captivating real life stories and situations.

Whether you are currently practicing yoga or looking to start practicing yoga (resources and ideas are shared on how to begin the journey) the key concepts in this book illustrate the cross over between a personal journey in the yoga studio and successful leadership in the workplace. Highly recommend!

—S. Randall


Got this book four days ago and couldn’t put it down. A great book for the professional looking for balance in life. I finished your book and loved it. I’m very motivated to try yoga again. We have a lot in common. It was very cool to hear about your journey to get where you are.

—C. LaFleur